👋🏻 Hello, I’m Amina

  • Proactive & creative woman from Algeria 🇩🇿
  • Pursuing continuous growth 🪴
  • Entrepreneur, empowering business communities 💪🏻
  • Founder & manger of HelloData
  • 7 years experience in consulting 🤝🏻
  • Passionate about artistic experiences 🎨
  • Writing as a core way of expression ✍🏻
  • Reflective travel enthusiast 🗺️
Different Perspective, Central Park, NYC

  • Discovered agency life
  • Embraced Digital Marketing
  • Pushed for AI & Data Innovation
  • Contributed to two research papers
  • Wore a tie for 2 years
  • Senior in Deal Advisory
  • Led a team of data champions
  • Built a new mindset
  • Contributed to opportunity creation & Skills development
  • Been a part of an amazing community
  • Empowering Decision-Makers 
  • Building Data-Awareness 
  • Contributing to Economic Development 

🧠 Creating Substantial Content

In a time when entrepreneurship is getting more and more attractive and efforts to build an effective, sustainable ecosystem multiplied, I think that it is a responsibility to contribute and give back to the largest audience of various stakeholders who need insights—myself included.

The availability of quality content is essential when it comes to achieving a positive impact.

International bookshelves overflow with work and research serving as invaluable tools for environment decoding. Beyond the hype, the ability to produce insightful content is a strength that is promoted and valued among communities.

While it is true that we have a lot to learn from global content, our most common focus is to address local/regional markets. Therefore, it is crucial to recognize the fundamental differences and subtleties that we are facing. Cultural specificities, digital maturity, skill seniority, the relevance of business techniques, mindsets, and more, not to mention the economic and political contexts, need to be understood and considered.

I am convinced that to succeed, we need to build our own models and be grounded in a genuine understanding of the hidden mechanisms governing us. 

This website is an experience-sharing journey—a compilation of learnings, mistakes, tips, and attempts to understand how things work and how we can adapt ourselves to make them move in our favor.

Consider this an invitation—to every stakeholder willing to reflect on their own experiences, to contribute formally to building an environment that moves us all forward. I encourage you to share your reflective thoughts, create content that has substance, and bring clarity, assistance, and guidance.

Because entrepreneurship is also a personal journey, where your guts are on the table of every meeting and behind every shade of an opportunity, I will share how my experiences contribute to my growth and what it takes emotionally to pursue this path.

In crafting this narrative, expect a rollercoaster of anger, gratitude, inspiration, and assertiveness. I make no effort to dilute my feelings because I firmly believe that this raw authenticity is where true singularity resides.